Innovation Radar 2018-04

Our innovation radar gives you insights into startups from over 100+ countries. This month we present a high level view on topics that were hot last month in our innovation charts. In addition we compare market types used by German startups vs Austrian startups.

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What was hot in March?

Marketplace and Active Lifestyle have catapulted themselves into the TOP 10 startup topics. The classic topics AI, analytics  and IoT take a slight hit. For April we predict a larger proportion of hardware startups as the Asian conference seasons begins.

Germany dominates in B2C, but Austria fights back with multiplicative effects in B2B2C

This month we took a look at the distribution of market segments for two major German speaking markets. We can clearly see a much larger focus on consumer products and services in the larger of the two, Germany. This can probably be explained by the vastly greater size in viable market which is still easier for German startups to access than Austrian despite a shared language. The stronger focus on B2B2C in Austria speaks to this. This reaction looks to counteract the market entry difficulties and to utilize the multiplicative effects of this collaborative partnership model to ease entry.

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