The best opportunities TO FUEL youR growTH for free

DealMatrix minimizes the time involved in applying to events, workshops, innovation camps, hackathons, investors, startup programs and find out about the most exciting opportunities for your early stage venture.

DealMatrix saves you time, costs you nothing

How many application forms have you filled out over the life time of your company? Most of the times the information requested is the same. That’s where DealMatrix takes a new approach. Whenever you fill out an application form we save your data. If you decide to apply somewhere else and have to provide the same information then we just load what you answered last time. It’s just that simple!

Your data stays your data. We never automatically submit your data to anyone unless you explicitly tell us to. Even when we think a new challenge is a great fit, you still have to press the apply button and if all of your answers are in the system, just hit “Submit” or answer the few remaining questions.

Interested in new opportunities?

We are constantly trying to connect the right startups to new and interesting opportunities. If you would like to be included in our database for free please apply here.

The questionnaire only takes about 15 minutes with many multiple choice selections, but once you have filled out your information we can not only notify you about suitable challenges but also applying to other challenges will be easy for you with your saved profile.

No cost involved. Your data is never shared without permission.