Close Deals Faster

Create simple fact sheets for your startup clients, incl. a valuation range based on facts, and start browsing our global directory of investors.

Most investors are open for deal-flow, others will review only on an “invite-only” basis, and even others are only accessible via private introductions (or a “secret” personal – Dealmatrix – link). The more investors you connect with – the stronger your personal leverage as a transaction advisor.

Startups need to be transparent about their previous funding rounds, current assumptions, strategy, KPIs, and offer a valuation based on facts. Investors on the other hand are hard to read. Dealmatrix will help you match your startups with the right investors.

Don’t forget: “Startup investment is an art based on experience.” and therefore you want to reach the right smart-money investors!

How does DealMatrix work?

  • Create your company profile

  • Generate a company factsheet, incl. a solid valuation range

  • Quantitative and qualitative aspects of your venture will be presented perfectly

  • Share your factsheets with all investors and start negotiating

  • Browse and connect with investors from our global directory

  • Win reward credits, by sharing and inviting investors and start your deal

  • Build your personal investor network