Screening deals based on standardized fact sheets, including a valuation range based on facts, will increase efficiency and save a tremendous amount of time. Find co-investors and build a personal network, of likeminded players, by browsing our global directory of investors.

Startups are fully transparent about their previous funding rounds, cap-table, current assumptions, strategy, KPIs, and offer a valuation based on facts via dealmatrix. Dealmatrix will help you focus on deals that really matter.

Stop wasting time on deals that do not match.

How does Dealmatrix work?

  • Create your investor profile

  • Set your preferences

  • Define your privacy settings & share your personal deal-flow link

  • Receive factsheets from your network

  • Accept, Edit (re-calculate valuations) or deny deals offered to you

  • Browse and connect with co-investors through our global directory

  • Win reward credits, by sharing your invitation link and deals with co-investors

  • Build your personal network

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