DealMatrix – FAQ2020-11-04T10:33:10+01:00
What is the pricing of the product?2020-11-03T17:11:29+01:00

Opening an account in DealMatrix is for free. Costs only apply when you want to create a valuation report for a certain project. We offer different projects, from one-time reports to annual subscriptions – the subscriptions allow users to generate a different number of reports per year.

One credit equals one report. If you run out of credits, you may also purchase additional credits as extra to your annual subscription at a low price. If you have extra credits you purchased left in one-year, you will find those added once you update your annual plan.

You can find more information about the subscription plans and prices on our website:

What are my payment options?2020-11-03T15:11:57+01:00

We have implemented Stripe to process business billing (incl. VAT) that includes all commonly used payment methods.

Why there is a barcode on my valuation report?2020-11-03T17:02:09+01:00

We care about security and transparency, therefore DealMatrix offers a feature to authorize the report. When someone provides a Report Document to you, you may request information from DealMatrix to verify the validity of the report and when/by whom it was created. Simply send the document ID to to verify if the report was generated through DealMatrix.

In a later version of the product, you will find a self-service validation feature on our website.

Can I make reports with my company branding only?2020-11-03T17:13:02+01:00

Not yet. However, DealMatrix is planning to offer white-label accounts for advisory firms or fund-managers in later stages of the product. If you are interested in this account please contact

When do I need to calculate my company valuation?2020-11-03T15:38:50+01:00

Valuations are usually important in case you aim to start fundraising, to support M&A negotiations, or if you plan an exit.

How does the DealMatrix report look like?2020-11-05T17:09:48+01:00

You may download a sample of the DealMatrix report HERE.

Can I value a pre-revenue company via Dealmatrix?2020-11-03T15:44:23+01:00

Yes. DealMatrix is designed to evaluate startups of different stages (from Pre-seed to Series B+). The available methods are specifically common for fast-growing companies, across different industries.

Do you offer valuations for real estate investments?2020-11-03T15:45:40+01:00

Unfortunately, no, we do not aim to cover this sector soon. DealMatrix is focusing on simplifying the startup valuation process for startups, advisors, and investors.

All Beta Subscribers applied before the official product launch, will benefit from early offers and will have access to the product shortly before the official launch.