Software that adapts to and grows with your processes
Customizable Data Collection and Flexible Decision Workflows

Request the information you need

  • Industry best-practice templates as a starting point
  • Fully customizable questionnaire engine including 10+ different question types
  • White-label functionality for front-facing questionnaires
Instead of relying on out-of-date data from public databases let startups and early ventures apply via DealMatrix for your initiative. Direct applicants to your custom landing page branded with your logo, company colors and any information you want to convey before applying. Start out from our industry best-practice questionnaire template and decide which questions are relevant for you, which ones you want to remove or add further questions to get exactly the information you need to make a decision.

Structured Company Profiles

  • Comparable data-sets across companies
  • Accurate data provided by the startup
  • Searchable data with taxonomies enabling insights and analytics
Working with open text applications is not efficient and can lead to wrong decisions. A DealMatrix application uses a structure-first approach. The majority of the data-set is built on taxonomies allowing you to filter, cluster and automate your workflow. Direct specific topics to a specific industry expert to evaluate instead of wasting time manually forwarding them. Leave some open text questions for applicants to express their emotion and passion for their venture.

Deeper Insights & Better Deal Flow Decisions
Detailed Assessments, Benchmarking and Performance Tracking

Transparent Processes

  • Track applicants over months and years
  • Historic view of evaluations and data-set changes
  • Detailed protocol of user activity
Our platform provides a full historic log from the application you receive, changes over time and the decision your team made. Comply with auditing requirements, gain insights into performance and industry trends as they relate to your organisation and always be in the know about your deal flow.

Customizable Scoring Engine

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation
  • Aggregate Multiple┬áScores
  • Multiple Rounds of Evaluations
Regardless if you are the sole decision maker or working with a team of junior and senior analysts the DealMatrix platform has you covered. Invite external analysts and give them access to just the data they need to provide an evaluation. For large funnels you can split evaluation into multiple rounds starting with a fast and simple evaluation in order to follow-up with a detailed multi dimensional analysis for qualified deals.

The End-to-End Solution
All Stakeholders, Data and Activites in One Place

Role Based Access

  • Provide access per batch or globally
  • Invite analysts to evaluate deals
  • Give read-only access to partners
With DealMatrix you unite all stakeholders in one platform. Your decision makers and analysts but also partners and interested parties. Give granular access to your organisation, your batches and open calls or share single application details with interested parties. DealMatrix simplifies transferring applications from one account to another yet still respecting the data privacy of the startups involved.

Multiple Pipeline Types

  • Open calls for submission at any time
  • Periodic batches with deadlines
  • Invite-only batches
Replace the contact or pitching email address on your homepage with DealMatrix. Application from these open calls can then be processed in regular intervals with automated messages minimizing the time cost on your side. For special programs, such as accelerator batches or competitions you can create a time-boxed batch accepting applications only during a specific time period. During the batch you can see the incoming submissions, begin evaluating and sorting them and focus your marketing to receive better results.

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