DealMatrix Enters Into Collaboration With Hamster Connect

DealMatrix Collaboration with Hamster Connect

Hamster Connect and DealMatrix agree on strategic collaboration

We are delighted to share that DealMatrix and Hamster Connect have joined forces to help the global investor network streamline deal flow with higher efficiency. Dealmatrix is a leading start-up valuation software provider. Hamster Connect is the world’s fastest-growing global start-up and investment community. The synergies between the two companies offer start-ups a rich ecosystem of functionality to help them to

  • expand their network,
  • plan and manage their valuation and investment activities,
  • match with investors who are wanting to explore opportunities to invest

Providing International Investors with a Needed Toolkit

This collaboration aims to support Hamster Connects community with innovative and professional start-up valuation solutions from DealMatrix, as an integrated part of the start-up and investor toolbox offered by Hamster.
This will allow Hamster users to efficiently streamline their deal flow and receive professional valuation reports on potential investment opportunities within their Hamster profile.

The World’s Fastest-Growing Start-up Community

Hamster Connect helps investors to find new investment opportunities, streamline deal flow and match with the right founders based on a wide range of matching criteria including company location, employee base, industry, product lifecycle stage, technology types and more.
Startup founders are able to join the Hamster community, complete their detailed personal and company profiles and start matching and connecting with other members of the network. Founders can increase the visibility of their company’s activities, product developments, customer acquisitions and strategic partnerships as well as gain valuable insights from other founders, investors and industry experts.
Hamster is partnering with leading start-up software solution providers across a wide range of specialties and will continue to bring more tools onto the platform, making it a one stop shop for start-up founders to manage their company’s planning, valuation, investments and more.

“We are very excited to welcome DealMatrix as our new partner. Hamster offers a niche social media platform with a smart toolbox for start-ups and investors. Supporting start-ups to network, build and connect with potential investors. DealMatrix offers the top valuation tool currently available in the market.

The start-up valuation tool will help us add more value to the platform and attract more users. Through connecting the networks from Hamster, DealMatrix and our other partners we can build a strong pan-European start-up and investor community. As our vision states: Delivering ease, trust, and professionalism to the world of start-ups and investors.”

Dennis van der Veen, CEO of Hamster Connect.

Transactions Made Easy

DealMatrix is a valuation engine that enables startups and investors to quickly and precisely calculate the value of their companies based on various valuation methods, as well as to browse investors. Soon Dealmatrix will allow users to compare their own stats with peers. Dealmatrix offers standardized professional reports which enable investors to get an objectified view of a deal and its underlying valuation parameters.

Originally designed as a global startup database, Dealmatrix pivoted to become a leading data and service provider focused on start-up valuation. The company has shown tremendous growth and extended its customer base through media partnerships (e.g. derBrutkasten), as well as Investors and networks, like the Austrian Angel Investors Network i2, Venionaire Capital, European Super Angels Club and the Austrian Angel Investors Association (AAIA).

“DealMatrix is excited to collaborate with Hamster Connect. We offer an infrastructure and knowledge base for a variety of platforms and partners. Hamster has a unique approach to community, which we support 100%. Efficient and sound start-up valuation will add value to the community and make their toolbox even more attractive.

With Hamster Connect, we will combine the best of both worlds and offer even better chances for global investors and support their investment activities through a European platform. I am confident, this will be another step towards our core mission: to increase transparency and efficiency in angel and venture finance.”

said Berthold Baurek-Karlic, CEOe of DealMatrix.