Smarter dealflow & startup valuation

Dealmatrix builds a data-engine for deeper insights (market data*), in order to improve startup valuations. Today you can calculate startup valuations based on five leading methods, share reports with co-investors, targets and advisors. Startups often share their valuation calculations with investors to objectify negotiations on valuations and terms. Dealmatrix valuation engine offers the right methods for early- and later stage startups. Our software guides you through the valuation process, and enables you to compare or review an unlimited amount of historic calculations. You may also edit and adjust assumptions of reports shared with you.
*Coming soon

How does it work?

  • Create your investor profile

  • Follow the AI-generated recommendations based on profiles of your companies

  • Input the quantitative and qualitative aspects of your ventures

  • Run the calculator

  • Analyze results based on given assumptions and compare to peers

  • Download professional report

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