get the next unicorn on your stage

With DealMatrix managing the application of companies for pitching competitions, booths or 1:1 meeting becomes effortless. Add value to your event for sponsors, investors and visitors.

Structured Company Profiles

No more chasing after that one missing logo, name or pitch deck. With DealMatrix choose from on of our industry best practice templates to collect exactly the information you need for your event. One database of structured company profiles with up-to-date data provided by the startups themselves via your web site.

3rd Party Integrations and API

Need to integrate with other systems like a CRM, mailing list or event software? No problem with our Zapier integration and REST API. Whenever a pitch comes into your portal get notified via e-mail or choose a custom channel.

Integrated Multi-Round Jury Workflow

Invite the best industry experts to judge on the applications you receive. Provide full access and decision making power or simply access to evaluate and score application.

Let applicants initially provide a basic set of answers and then get more insights by inviting them to a second round with more detailed questions. Aggregate all the scores into one system and automatically notify applicants of the decision you make.

Integrated Live Scoring Solution

Do you want to let the jury decide on the finalists at the event or let the audience vote for the favorite startup? No problem with out easy to use mobile scoring solution. No app download, just your own personal URL and email registration. Choose which scoring dimensions are important for the final round or gather market intelligence by asking the audience if they would use the startup’s product.

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