State of the art corporate innovation management


DealMatrix is the all-in-one platform for your corporate innovation process. Send potential ventures to your application portal to supply up-to-date information in a structured fashion. Filter and evaluate incoming companies to suit your needs and have full transparency into your process.

Software that adapts to your processes

Use one of our industry best practice templates to get started quickly. When the need arises every aspect is customizable to your needs from the question you ask startups to provide to the decision making process including on which dimensions you would like to evaluate startups on.

Evaluate in Multiple Rounds

Simplify applications for your batches by asking a minimum of question in the first round. If you see a fit move the companies to a second invite-only round and get more insight into the company before making a decision. Each round uses a fully customizable questionnaire that startups love to use because it saves them time by saving answers they have already given elsewhere.

Transparent and Auditable

Combine all stakeholders in one system and track their decisions and input. Always know what’s going on and why which decision were made.

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