As a consultant you are under constant pressure to scout and deliver top quality startups for your clients. With DealMatrix you manage your database of startups and distribute them to client portals as you deem appropriate.

One Incoming Portal

We know you visit numerous events and demo days, have a large network of accelerators and research institutions and startups are applying to you left and right. Instead of managing spreadsheets, business plans and pitch decks you send them to your DealMatrix portal. You get structured up-to-date information on each company to grow your database.

When the time is right, filter startups by industry, growth stage or any other attribute to deliver the best mix to your clients. All in one integrated systems that lets you keep control over the whole process.

Stand out from your competition with added value

With DealMatrix you can offer your clients transparency into your scouting process. Give them read only access or even let them evaluate and score applications live as they come in to better adapt your search efforts.

Deliver structured reports automatically and provide structured profiles to your clients instead of a wild mix of presentations that they cannot compare.

DealMatrix is the solution to up your game and stand out as a professional scouting provider.

No credit-card required, basic version free forever.