Venionaire Capital and startup300 CEOs announcing strategic partnership in new Dealmatrix service

New shareholder on board: startup300 AG

We are happy to announce the latest partnership between our main shareholder, Venionaire Capital, and startup300 AG that acquired 20 percent of shares in Dealmatrix via capital increase. Originally designed as a global startup database, the new Dealmatrix is now a startup valuation calculator after a pivot. Beta users will foreseeably be able to use the new service from August onwards.

Standardization of Startup Valuation Calculation

The aim of the new service is to close the market gap of automation and standardization of industry-specific procedures for company valuation. As a ruling practice the value of a startup has been determined between investors and startups on a more subjective basis. However, it’s high time to objectify the value of the company by funds or strategic and institutional investors through any capital measures. In the calculation methods offered in the future, existing international valuation standards will be implemented to ensure global comparability of results. Our approach aims at an objective classification of the enterprise value of young innovation companies looking for fresh capital.

Great Initial Feedback After Pivot

Venionaire Capital had taken over Dealmatrix GmbH in 2019 and started to develop a software solution for a standardized business valuation of startups.

“In the start-up company valuation, a large amount of data and growth parameters must be regularly taken into account in order to evaluate growth opportunities and risks accordingly. International standards such as the IPEV (International Private Equity and Venture Valuation Guidelines) differ significantly from classic valuation models. Furthermore, they are complex to apply. The first market tests of the software showed a great demand both from startups and investors. In just a few weeks, the MVP of the valuation calculator has been used over a thousand times. We were able to collect a lot of valuable feedback to further improve the product”- says Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Managing Director of Dealmatrix GmbH and founder of Venionaire Capital.

Consumer-centricity at a low cost

Both companies share the same drive to pursue the goal of offering a low-cost solution that is easy-to-use, but delivers meaningful and exploitable results.

“Conventional startup valuation approaches based on DCF, the Vienna method or KFS/BW1 can hardly be applied to growth companies in the high-tech sector or to high-risk startup investments. What should one derive and value from the history or peer group if there is no history or peer group? Then completely different parameters and indicators for a potential market value count”, says Michael Eisler, CEO of startup300 AG. A professional company valuation is an important cornerstone in the startup ecosystem, because investors are increasingly turning to intensive strategic advice in screening startups to cushion risks. “In order to survive internationally, investors must use established international standards in company valuation. The first version of Dealmatrix’s software and Venionaire Capital’s expertise in the field of startup company valuation finally convinced us” – added Eisler.


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