Dealmatrix starts with the Beta phase after the restructuring last year. The original founding team went new ways and the previous product in the area of dealflow management was discontinued in the course of a deal with Startup300. Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Managing Director of Dealmatrix GmbH and founder of Venionaire Capital, took over the management as the majority owner of the shares and started working on a new product.

The topic of startup evaluation has become the new focus of DealMatrix since the pivot earlier this year – an area in which Venionaire already has relevant expertise.*

A few hundred users had registered for the beta testing. And since the last week, Beta users are invited to try the first version of the product in tranches.

The functions of the new product

The product enables both start-ups and investors to create a start-up valuation in the self-analysis. It offers the most common valuation methods, such as the Berkus Method and Payne Scorecard Method for very early-stage companies as well as Venture Capital, First Chicago, and the Startup Rating Method (developed by Venionaire) for scale-ups.

Considering the individual preferences of investors (depending on the development phase) and making the user experience as simple as possible for the evaluation itself were the main focuses of the development.

DealMatrix also implemented a differentiating feature to the competitors whose long and complicated questionnaires make the process of valuation correspondingly uncomfortable for the users. “We try to let as much “magic” work in the background as possible and offer extensive professional reports at reasonable prices”, says Berthold Baurek-Karlic.

Offer for Beta users
Beta users can already purchase a lifetime access subscription for EUR 549,– which will then allow generating 20 report per year. This offer is intended to reward beta users and strengthen the company’s database.

As a further aspect, the company points out that market data and intelligent suggestions for valuation-relevant factors, such as discount factors or multiples, are difficult to obtain. In a subsequent version, the system will be capable of generating suggestions based on dynamic data and also offer users external market data in a package. Anyone interested can join a waiting list on and will receive access as a beta user in one of the next rounds.

“A software product is never finished”
The managing director and entrepreneur in residence, Berthold Baurek-Karlic, sees in any case still much work. “A software product is never finished. We wanted to launch the first product by the end of September. We have succeeded. But we still have a great product roadmap ahead of us, and we will work through it step by step based on the feedback of the Beta users. We can’t rule out teething troubles, even though we have already tested intensively – here we ask early adopters for understanding and productive feedback”.

Dealmatrix does not claim to replace valuation reports of Big Four accounting firms. Comparing with offers like Netdoktor, qualified information can be obtained and one can go to an expert in case of delicate questions.

Dealmatrix will also offer the valuation software as a white-label product for large partners (such as tax consultants, management consultants, or crowd investing platforms). Initial talks with interested customers are already being held.

For German-speaking followers, be sure to check out the podcast where Berthold Baurek-Karlic, speaks about valuation, scientifically proven success factors for startups, and the right fit between the investor and your own goals

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